Whisky des Monats: Okt 15

BenRiach Curiositas 10 Jahre
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Die meisten Whiskyhersteller entscheiden sich für einen zwölf Jahre alten Scotch als ihre jüngste Abfüllung. Es gibt aber auch einige wenige Brennereien, die ihre Whiskys noch kürzer ruhen lassen und damit ein wenig aus der Reihe tanzen. Der BenRiach 10 Jahre Curiositas beispielsweise ist genau ein Jahrzehnt alt und daher ein wahrer Jungspund. Der Speyside Malt ist zwar nicht gerade eine Kuriosität, aber auf jeden Fall eine Chance wert.

Der interessante BenRiach ist ein Peated Malt, was bedeutet, dass (ein Teil der) Gerste über Torffeuer gedarrt wurde. Somit handelt es sich um einen rauchigen Whisky, wobei die Torfnoten sich im Hintergrund halten und Einsteiger nicht verschrecken. Der hell leuchtende BenRiach mit der markanten Verpackung in Schwarz soll den klassischen Speyside-Stil verkörpern und den über 100 Jahren Erfolg der BenRiach Distillery aus Schottland Rechnung tragen. Diese Aufgabe erledigt er mit Bravour. Die getorfte Gerste und der geringe Reifegrad zeichnen den Speyside Malt aus, der zu Chivas gehört und an die traditionellen Whiskys aus dem 19. Jahrhundert erinnern soll.


Aroma: Starker Torfrauch mit Früchten, Blumen und Heide im Hintergrund

Geschmack: Perfekte Balance zwischen bittersüßem Torf und spürbarer Eiche

Abgang: Aromatischer Rauch verbindet sich mit Eiche zu einem mittellangen Abgang

Liosa Murphy Live am 18.10.2015

Achtung am 12.10. in Villingen und am 13.10. in Tuttlingen

Skylark sings a new song!

Born among the gentle hills of Fintona, Co Tyrone Northern Ireland, Líosa soaked up song at her Daddy’s knee.

“The music comes from his side of the family and he was always playing guitar and singing. Then when I was six I wanted to make music myself, so I was started on the whistle,”

From then on there was no stopping her. She quickly progressed from taking lessons with Patricia and Rosemary Nugent, family members of the Irish traditional music dynasty headed up by the late great fiddle player, Sean Nugent, to learning from the man himself.

Sean immediately spotted Líosa’s potential and before long she was winning prizes in solo, duet, trio and ceili band competitions throughout Ireland. At the same time she added other strings to her bow by taking up the fiddle and developing her vocal powers.

Before embarking on her professional career, Líosa studied musical theatre at Blackpool and the Fylde College in England. Then, in 2002 she debuted as lead vocalist with Rhythm of the Dance which springboarded her into touring over 30 countries with acclaimed Irish Dance and Music shows such as Gaelforce Dance, The Spirit of Ireland, Dance of Desire, Celtic Feet, The Rhythms of Ireland and renowned harpist Dearbhail Finnegan’s Celtic Isle Celebrations and Feet of Fire.

All the time she was on the road, Líosa was conscious of wanting to develop her own unique approach to Irish music: of giving the tradition a contemporary edge by mixing it up with percussive styles from other musical cultures; of testing the boundaries, going to the edge and daring to step over to create a new sound journey for Irish traditionalists.

“I wanted it to be different: groovy, modern, original and fresh!”

On her return to Ireland she relocated to Donegal so that she could work with well-known producer Kevin Lowery and musicians Brian Sweeney, Allan Cooke, Seanan Brennan, Jamie Carswell and Damien McGeehan. In Eden Vella Studios Líosa’s exciting vision was made reality with the recording and release of her album Skylark.

Skylark takes Irish traditional music to a whole new level; seamlessly marrying electro pop, African rhythms and vocal percussion to well-loved songs and tunes.

In her version of Nancy Spain (track 2) Líosa risks taking this popular and beautiful song and giving it a funky fusion with an electro pop beat throughout so that its timeless refrain “No matter where I wander I’m still haunted by your name” speaks to a whole new generation of lovers who have loved and lost. The Skylark whistle set (track 7) has compelling African cross rhythms driving its passionate momentum. While in Drunken Landlady (track 10) she teams seemingly effortless swift but mellow whistle playing with wordless vocal percussion to ramp up the track’s emotional appeal.

Líosa’s own whistle tune, The Kinlough Fairies (track 6) is also on the album, featuring her trademark, inspirational, improvised backing vocals.

Skylark’s surprising, multi-layered take on Irish traditional is already making waves and is a big hit with fans old and new.

“It’s a beautiful album of rhythms and sounds that gives the listener something new with every play!” (singer/songwriter Ronan Cuan Flynn)

„Dainty and delightful!“ (Dónall MacRuairi)

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